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Eco-value icons - Natural Fiber | Bil P. Storeman

The Eco-value icon “Natural Fiber” enables you to identify products that are made from natural materials obtained from the plant kingdom (eg. cotton, flax and hemp) or animal kingdom (eg. wool, silk and fur).

Bil P. Storeman imports silk products.

Silk has the following properties:

  • high resistance to deformation
  • good insulation properties / warm in winter, cool in summer
  • strongest natural fiber available
  • shimmers and shines
  • good affinity to dye
  • leaving aside the rather demanding care, silk is one of the most comfortable fiber fabrics in the world


Fine silk is a lightweight and uniform fabric. The shine and shimmer colors make this an unparalleled silk fabric. Silk we offer differs from silk cooked by its firmest texture.

Raw silk is more rustic appearance, with very pronounced grain, but always with the sparkle and shimmer colors that characterizes the silk.

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