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100% Italian Design; 100% Made in Cambodia


The Dynamic Duo:  Elisa and Jennifer

Smateria was set up in 2006 in Cambodia by two Italian friends: Elisa, who runs the creative side and Jennifer, the business side.  They both believed “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and knew it was possible to transform discarded old materials into gorgeous new accessories. Elisa lived in China and Italy before moving to Cambodia in 2006 with her family.  Jennifer has lived in Cambodia since 2001 with her partner and their two children.  She has worked in the tourism industry for years and was looking for a new challenge when she met Elisa.

Smateria - Net

It was the unlikely combination of a roll of faulty net on sale at a market and tripping over a black plastic bag, which sowed the seed in Elisa’s mind, that something beautiful could and should be created from “useless material”.  From this point on, her house was transformed into a small workshop and her children said “good-bye” to their playroom. A chance meeting at a children’s play date resulted in Jennifer and Elisa’s meeting of minds and when Jennifer saw Elisa’s first prototypes, it was love at first sight and she immediately began drawing up business plans in order to open the first shop / workshop. The pair started out with “three tailors and a heap of ideas”.

Smateria - Mix

These days, Jennifer runs the daily operations and the commercial part of the company from Phnom Penh.  Smateria now has five shops in Cambodia and exports to many different countries around the world (among others, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Czech republic, United Kingdom, United States). Elisa continues to work on the creative part. Elisa and Jennifer continue to learn every day from their inspirational Cambodian team. To work alongside Cambodian managers in their business who were formerly exploited workers without rights or a future, confirms for Elisa and Jennifer that their dream has definitely become a reality.

Smateria - School


Smateria is a self financed social enterprise. All Smateria employees are contracted, in accordance with International Labour Law (i.e. 1 month paid annual leave, paid maternity leave, health insurance etc.).  80 % of employees are young women who are encouraged to bring their children to work, where Smateria pay for child care. Smateria pre-school program has start running in November 2011, with 2 teachers. Training undertaken with Garment Industry Productivity Center (GIPC), a local project run by USAID, (today SRM&P) has taught the staff efficient work methods to improve performance. Smateria outsource part of their work to family members of their staff, by financing the sewing machines (which are repaid to Smateria monthly, with no interest) and offer a free training to the tailors and their families.

Child Labor Free - Manufacturing - Logo

Manufacturers awarded the mark have committed to ensuring there is no child labor in the manufacturing of their products which has been verified through CHILD LABOR FREE robust auditing process.

Child Labor is work undertaken by a Child, which:

The Child is legally prohibited from undertaking; or is likely to be harmful to the Child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral, or social development; or interferes with a Child’s education.

Appropriated from: Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990), Article 32.1; The International Labor Organisation (2012, 2014), & The United Nations (2014).

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