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Two partners: Julie and Pierre

Two names: Blais and Premont

An anagram: Bil P. Storeman

From our discovery of Cambodia while spending 6 months in Asia,

its friendly people,

its sadly notorious history and

the quality of its artisans is born our desire to offer you their products.

Offer you exclusive stylish and fairly traded products so you can choose to consume responsibly, it’s our mission!

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm_rogner

Silk products from Artisans Angkor and Samatoa Lotus Textiles brands.

Silk is a natural and renewable material, biodegradable and less polluting to produce (source: Guide du vêtement responsable – 2008, Équiterre). In addition, it is fair trade because it is handmade according to an ancestral know-how by the artisans of a cooperative, and among them, have social policy and decent working conditions.

Additionally, natural or dyes that don’t contain heavy metals are used; they are less damaging to artisans and the environment and therefore eco-friendly while promoting sustainable development.

Kampot Pepper green

We import and distribute the famous Kampot Pepper with the Starling Fram brand.

This product considered by some gourmets as one of the best peppers in the world has almost disappeared during the Khmer Rouge period, when its operation was reduced to nil.

This is the first Cambodian agricultural product to have received a PGI (protected geographical indication), which was issued on April 2nd, 2010. This geographical indication allows it to benefit from protection in countries recognizing the indication label. This decision and local efforts should allow a revival of its culture.

Smateria - sewing_rogner

Finally available in Canada! After the United States, England, Australia….

100% Italian Design, 100% Made in Cambodia

All bags are designed by Smateria. These are handmade from repurposed netting used in the fishing industry and construction industries, recycled black plastic bags, recycled vinyl motorbike seats and offcuts of leather from a furniture factory.

Smateria provides fair wages and safe labor conditions as well as a daycare and free pre-school for their artisans’ children.

Angkor Bullet Jewellery - production

Angkor Bullet Jewellery is a group of home-based artisans who reside in a small community around 30 minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At the centre of the group there is a special man, an artisan jeweler, M. Chantha Theoun. The artisans are given employment with fair wages, a safe work environment and education for their families.

M. Thoeun produces unique jewellery pieces that have been fashioned from recycled brass meltdown from empty bullet cartridges or shells.

“Transforms violence in beauty and peace!” This is the inspiration behind Mr. Thoeun’s creations.

We are proud to offer you its creations in recycled brass!

Jambie - Natural red seeds

Graines de Cambodge is a company founded by Cambodian designer Rany Som. She makes handmade jewelry with natural seeds from Cambodia.

Rany uses more than twenty kinds of seeds, such as the tiny “Mary’s tears” (or “Job’s tears”), white or brown, shiny red “jambie” seeds or Rany’s favorites, black dried lotus seeds, found locally to create delicate and complex necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Exclusively in Canada, we are proud to present you Graines de Cambodge!

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